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Budoni is of one the most popular holiday destinations in Sardinia. It’s a charming little town surrounded by green hills, long shores with white sand and gorgeous turquoise seawater: the perfect background to the history and traditions of this side of the Island.

Among the most wonderful beaches of the area is Cala Ottiolu, located near the small village of Porto Ottiolu, the perfect starting point to discover the beauties of the north-eastern part of the Island, such as the popular Tavolara Marine Protected Area. This side of the island gives windsurfers, snorkelers and scuba divers the possibility to explore the area and the wracks that sank offshore.

Budoni is not only a tourist destination for the charming beaches but also for its 22 villages, clear evidence of old settlements of the Nuragic age and the Roman domination, whose history and culture can still be seen in our Island thanks to the the Romanesque churches all around the town. Agrustos, called “ Augustus Populus” during the Roman time, is the most popular of these villages. Known in the past as the village of peasants and farmers, it became a well-known holiday destination for its unblemished nature and the wide range of tourist services.


Church San Giovanni Battista Budoni


It will come a day when Budoni will host many people…

An old legend tells that at the end of XIX century Saint John the Baptist appeared in the dreams of a young man of Budoni. The saint foresaw a bright future for the village and asked the young man to build a church in his honour. Not following his request would have caused terrible disgraces for the whole community. The church of Saint John the Baptist is believed to have been built in the exact place indicated by the saint and still today the religious celebration called Festa Manna is celebrated in his honour in the square located in front of the church. During the celebration the horns of the oxen, that carry the effigy of the Saint, are decorated with flowers.

1,5km | 3 minutes by car


The dead pond Budoni


A wonderful landscape rich in fauna and wild nature

Walking along the picturesque path that brings to the beach and the pine forest Salamanghe you will come across a salty water pond, that despite of its peculiar name (literally dead pond) it’s a beautiful place, surrounded by lush reeds, and home for endemic fauna und flora. Such a wonderful landscape should not be missed, especially during the summer, when flamingos fly back to winter by the pond, feeding themselves with the big number of shrimps, important source of nutrients, that live on the bed of the pond. These little animals contribute to making the plumage of these gorgeous long necked birds of their renowned pink colour.

3,5km | 6 minutes by car


Salamaghe Beach Budoni


The ideal place for birdwatching and being surrounded by nature

The silver sand and the beautiful pine forest, the low sandy seabed, the light blue seawater with colourful shades make this beach an idyllic spot, loved by anyone who is looking for relax. Here it is possible to enjoy the sound of the sea and the fresh air coming from the adjacent forest. What makes this beach so special is the variety of animal species living in this area, in particular birds, such as herons and flamingos. The Bay of Budoni stretches from the Salamanghe Beach up to the coves of Agrustos and Porto Ottiolu.

3,5km | 6 minutes by car


Porto Ottiolu - Budoni


The pearl of Sardinian eastern coast

This small and charming village is located north to Budoni and very close to Agrustos. It is appreciated as holiday destination by people who love water sports because of all the activities that can be done in this area and it is also the best place to be if you want to reach and discover the island of Tavolara. The village was found in 1988, close to the old Roman port of Portiolum, considered today one of the most well-known places in the Island from a touristic point of view. Porto Ottiolu is the best location to spend a lovely day thanks to the wonderful beach, the wide range of sport activities that can be practiced here and lastly the typical restaurants where it’s possible to taste the wide offer of typical food and wine of the area.

4,4km | 7 minutes by car


Sa Capannizza Beach


A spectacular expanse of sand, the longest one in Budoni

UOne of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Budoni, ideal place for family with small children thanks to the shallow water, long expanse of thin white sand and a lush pine forest that shields this side of the beach from the strong wind coming from west (Northwest wind). The small dunes at the back of the beach are protected by wood posts and ropes that delimit the area and the rare endemic adjacent Flora, in particular the white sea daffodils, one of the strongest and at the same time the most delicate plant that grows from the sand.

5,5km | 10 minutes by car


Saint Anne Bay Budoni


The chameleonic place that changes depending on the weather and the season

Saint Anne bay is the optimal destination for fishers, snorkelers and scuba divers because of its charming seabed covered in stones, home to different marine species of rare beauty like moray eel, starfish and octopus. Visiting the abandoned old dock is a must. The amazing atmosphere that reigns in this place is unique and depending on the time of the day, the weather or the season it is possible to admire spectacular sceneries created by the colours of the sky that reflect on the water and the rocks.

9,5km | 14 minutes by car